Shared Staff

Below are the shared staff that work for all four branch locations:

Dan Layman, President & CEO
Courtney Bradford, Grant Coordinator

Lisa Fanzini, Finance Manager

Hilary Lopez, Executive Assistant


Lansing Staff

Kate Powers, Managing Director
Kim Breukink Family Service Coordinator
Molly Dean, MA, LPC, Family Service Coordinator
Teri Dodson, Office Manager
Laurie Walter Forstat, LMSW, Program Coordinator
Tamra Frei, Ph.D., LLMSW, Family Service Coordinator
Sandy Hutchins, MA, LPC, Family Service Coordinator
Kelly Koerner, LPC, Program Director
Kristine Kuhnert, Fund Development Coordinator

Tracy Russman, Events and Outreach Coordinator

Sue Sanford, Volunteer Coordinator
Chloe Silm, LMSW, Family Services Coordinator

Ann Arbor Staff

Monica Brancheau, Managing Director

Katie Brickman, LMSW, Program Coordinator

Hannah Brown, LMSW, Program Coordinator

Charlotte Cally, LLMSW, Family Services Coordinator


Peggy Galimberti, LMSW, ACSW, Program Director

Susan Kaercher, Program Assistant/Administrative Assistant

Leela Kausch, MA, LMSW,  Program Volunteer Coordinator

Brandon Black, Director of Development

Karen Kohn, LLMSW, Family Services Coordinator
Stacey Bodner, Event Coordinator

Barbara Lundberg, Office Manager


Grand Rapids Staff

Nicole Rodammer, Managing Director
Michaela Ayew-ew, MA, LLPC, Family Services Coordinator/Volunteer Coordinator
Julie DeJong, MSW, LMSW, Program Director
Karen Ketterer, MSW, LLMSW, Family Services Coordinator
Alyx Newton, Administrative Assistant/Admin.

Flint Staff

Amy Krug, Managing Director
Mallory Senn-Flinn, LLMSW, Family Services Coordinator
Tracy Payton-Lester, LMSW, Program Director