Bereavement Support Groups

Ele’s Place provides regularly scheduled sessions that allow children to interact with peers who have suffered similar loss and to express their fears, anger, guilt, and sadness in a secure and empowering environment. Utilization of music, art, story telling, writing, and play promotes the healing process. Clinicians and trained volunteers, supervised by professional clinical staff, facilitate age-appropriate groups for preschool/kindergarten, early elementary, upper elementary, middle school, high school, andyoung adults.  These age divisions ensure that peer groups are run in an age- and developmentally-appropriate manner and that children and young adults are engaged by and with others of a similar level of understanding of death and the serious topics death generates. 

Parents or guardians of the participating children are encouraged to attend separate groups concurrently. These groups are facilitated by trained volunteers and are separated by topic:  Death of a child, death of a spouse, death via completed suicide, or other important death.  This promotes more specific discussion based on a greater number of similar issues that participants are experiencing. 

Young adults may participate in their own group independently. While length of participation is determined by each family, the average period is nine months.  There is never any charge for participating in programming at Ele's Place and there is never a time limit to participate or end participation. 

Our Program Evaluation system consistently shows reductions in 15 negative behaviors by children, as rated by their parents at the onset of programming and after closing out of programming, attending our on-site programs.