Suggestions from Teens at Ele's Place


The teens at Ele's Place suggested the following helpful/unhelpful items to help them as they grieve.

Things that help:

  • Send a card or flowers
  • Come to the visitation and/or funeral
  • Talk about the good memories of the person who died
  • Offer to listen – and let me talk if I need to
  • Ask how I’m doing, but don’t press for an answer
  • Acknowledge days that are special to me
  • Understand if I have a bad day
  • Treat me normal

Things that don’t help:

  • Don’t ask a lot of questions
  • Don’t be “mushy” about it or baby me
  • Don’t walk on eggshells around me
  • Don’t tell me things like, “It’s going to be OK”, or “I know how you feel”
  • Don’t talk about your loss while I grieve mine
  • Don’t act like I’m grieving just for the attention
  • Don’t assume I’ll have problems or act out
  • Don’t make me talk about it unless I want to