With the help of CARWM, Ele’s Place can provide vital resources to school-aged kids and teens in West Michigan.

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At Ele’s Place, our mission is that no child should grieve alone. Our phones are ringing on a daily basis with calls from social workers, teachers, and school staff that are in desperate need of grief resources for their students.

With your support, Ele’s Place will provide free grief backpacks and toolkits to hundreds of grieving children and teens in West Michigan. These resources have been proven to help them feel less alone, find hope and begin to heal. Backpacks typically contain:

•        A collection of age-appropriate books on grief, curated by Ele’s Place licensed bereavement experts

•        Coloring books designed to help with grief and processing difficult emotions

•        Fidgets

•        Journals

•        Crayons and pencils

·        Toolkits typically contain the materials listed above, as well as:

•        Counselor letters

•        Grief Education resources for School Counselors

•        Grief Activities for School Counselors to use with students

•        Suicide Prevention Resources for School Counselors

•        Ele’s Place brochures and business cards

Hear from a local family about the impact of Ele’s Place.


Donate today to help Ele’s Place provide these resources free of charge. With your help, we can make a major impact on some of the most important members of our community – our youth.